libreforge effects (removed)

MythicTotem added those effects to libreforge plugin. You can use them at EcoEnchants, EcoSkills... plugin that using libreforge effect system.

You need enable register-libreforge option in config.yml file to use this feature!

Use MythicLibreforge instead! MythicTotem no longer provide this feature!

libreforge is required, this plugin is built-in for eco-style plugins, like EcoEnchants, EcoJobs, EcoSkills...

Cast MythicMobs skill

   - id: cast_mythic_skill
       skill: Quick_Shot_RESET
       victim_to_player: false
  • skill: Skill ID in MythicMobs plugin.

  • victim_to_player: Whether skill target to player self. (Used for passive skills)

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