This totem has no condition.

- 'none'


This totem can only be actived with specified trigger.

(Added in 2.5.2)

- 'trigger: PlayerInteractEvent'

Trigger Item

This totem can only be actived with specified item.

- 'trigger_item: stone'


This totem must be in those worlds.

Use ;; to separate each world.

- 'world: World1;;World2'


This totem must be in those biomes.

Use ;; to separate each biomes.

- 'biome: beach;;ocean'


Player must have all those permissions.

Use ;; to separate each permissions.

- 'permission: permission.1;;permission.2'


Player must be meet the placeholder condition. It consists of three parts, separated by ;;. The format is <Placeholder>;;<Conditional Character>;;<Value>.

Conditional character can be set to:

  • >=

  • <=

  • >

  • <

  • == (String)

  • = (Number)

  • != (Number or string)

  • !*= (Number or string) Not contains.

  • *= (String) Contains, for example, str *= string is true, but example *= ple is false.

For WorldGuard region limit, you can use:

- 'placeholder: %player_points%;;>=;;200'

Near Mobs (Premium version only)

If there is no corresponding mob within a nearby distance, the condition can be met. It supports both the vanilla mob ID and MythicMobs mob ID.

Format: MobID;;Distance

  - 'mobs_near: SkeletonKing;;50'

Do not use this condition in many totems and do not make distance too far otherwise this maybe lead to server lag.

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