Prices option is a little complex, so I introduce it on a separate page.

Free version can not use this feature!

MythicTotem has only 4 reward types: hook item, vanilla item, hook economy, vanilla economy.

This option is optional, if you didn't add this, this means flip price is free.

Vanilla Item

Vanilla item has those options:

  • material: The material of the reward item, like STONE.

  • cmd: The custom model data of the reward item, like 1000. (Optional)

  • display: The display name of the reward item, like &eTest Item. (Optional)

  • lore: The lore of the reward item, like:

  - '&fLine 1 Lore'
  - '&fLine 2 Lore'


Saved Item

Saved item has those options:

  • material: You can use /mt save <FileName> to save the items you are holding. This option value should write same as file name if you want use saved item.

Hook Item

Hook item has those options:

  • hook-plugin: What plugin you want this item hook into, for now, SpinToWin supports EcoItems, EcoArmor, MMOItems, ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MythicMobs, eco.

  • hook-item: What item you want to in the hook plugin:

  • For EcoItems, Oraxen, MythicMobs, you should write item id.

  • For ItemsAdder, eco, you should write namespace:item id. (eco's namespace is plugin name, like Talismans)

  • For EcoArmor, you should write armor set id;;armor slot. armor slot can be set to BOOTS, CHESTPLATE, ELYTRA, HELMET, LEGGINGS.

  • For MMOItems, you should write item type id;;item id.

Hook Economy

Hook economy has those options:

  • economy-plugin: What plugin you want this price economy hook into, for now, MythicTotem supports Vault, GamePoints, PlayerPoints, CoinsEngine, UltraEconomy, EcoBits, RedisEconomy, PEconomy.

  • economy-type: If economy plugin is multi-currency economy plugin, you have to type currency name here.

Vanilla Economy

Vanilla economy has those options:

  • economy-type: Supports exp, levels.


Just set free: true here.

General Options

Those options can be used in the 4 types of reward. All of them are optional.

  • amount: The amount of reward items or economy values. Like 1. Default plugin will use cost option value, if cost option is not exists, we will use this option value. If not set, plugin will set amount to 1.

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